HSC : April 2021

On the call : Arianna, Sean, Ian, Jillian, Basia, Jackie, Neal, Jennifer, Niccole, Faith, Jeromy

Did the image of this article catch you? That’s the logo for the new app “Gather” which will be rolling out to Hoonah soon. Keep your eyes and phones out!

We had a great call on April 15th. The primary goal was to talk about how YOU! a citizen of Hoonah can help make change and bring project ideas forward through the Icy Straits/Lynn Canal Regional Advisory Committee (Icy Straits RAC)

What is the RAC? How can I help?

The Icy Straits RAC is currently asking for proposals to increase recreation, trails, restoration, or other goals on Forest Service lands. In the past the money has been used to design the Spasski Trail (work still ongoing) and work on vault toilets at Suntaheen. Angoon is also part of the Icy Straits RAC and has used the money for Trail design.

Ideas discussed by the HSC group for ways to use they money:

  • Hot tub maintenance, enhancement, increase water heat
  • Tree planting efforts
  • Culvert work near the FS building to protect fish habitat
  • Interpretative signage for the HNFP
  • Eradicating the black slugs
  • Portage trail maintenance to Tenakee Inlet
  • Research on climate change impact on snow pack thinking about water to streams and city water supply
  • Dispersed campsites, tent platforms, camping areas with established sites at areas seeing impact like bear paw lake, whitestone harbor, or coyote beach
  • Tussock moth control


  1. What is the timeline? Proposals are due by May 26
  2. Are these funds competitive in just SE? Just Lynn Canal RAC . Each RAC has their own pot of money to use to service the communities they cover.

On the topic of black slugs – it was agreed the are generally loathed and are multiplying rapidly. Estimated that they showed up 4-5 years ago. Ducks may be able to eat/control them – more research needed there!

Community Group Updates

Forest Service
  • Earth day – earth day cleanup is happening! 24th at 10AM
  • Forest Service update – getting ready for field season, recently developed a thinning agreement with HIA to employee local workforce
  • Kids fishing day. Donations are going to the city. T-shirts are in! Volunteer forms from the City are out. Get signed up!
  • Seasonal starting in May, Chris Salazar
  • Working in 8 fathom rock pit. Be aware of blasting. Road to the cabin is still open.
Food! Southeast Alaska Watershed Council Updates

Local foods challenge. It’s happening again! A chance to celebrate local food and learn new things. Also a focus on connecting people with each other though skill shares or a workshop. Will have to be via Zoom due to regional nature. Quinn Abudara is going to be doing a knife sharpening workshop.

Commericial Mushroom cultivation study. Learning about people’s interests in mushroom farming. Mushroom cultivation – being interviewed. Commercial mushroom survey: https://forms.gle/r7EdGVTRSPS1LQ6y8


Alaska Food Policy Council, https://www.akfoodpolicycouncil.org/blog/2021/2/7/2020-2022-usda-regional-food-system-partnership-grant-project

Regional Food Network Partnership. Statewide orangization that advocates for local foods around the State. Working with traditional food systems and agriculture. Monthly meetups around the State for local food advocacy. Anyone in Hoonah want to join? Alaska Food Policy Council.

HIA Updates
  • TRAYLS applications due at the month! Get your kid’s applications in! Apply at the school or HIA office.
  • Sean – Certified scuba instructor. Want to get trained? We are soon to be federally qualified for scientific diving. Capacity and marine science building.
  • Volunteers honors programs – creating new opportunities for students. Goal is to graduate for 100 hours. Doing that with several students now.
  • IGAP – Air quality program in the school. Environmental plan 2.0. Keep an eye out for an email regarding social media plan survey.

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