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HSC : April 2021

On the call : Arianna, Sean, Ian, Jillian, Basia, Jackie, Neal, Jennifer, Niccole, Faith, Jeromy Did the image of this article catch you? That’s the logo for the new app “Gather” which will be rolling […]

Environmental Committee Blog

HSC : January 2021

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the first time of the new year. In attendance : Jillian Schuyler, Arianna Lapke, Ricky Contrerars, Jeromy Grant, Ian Johnson, Ben McLuckie, Stephanie Harold, Jennifer Nu, Basia Trout, Heather […]


HNFP Pairs with School and Local Business to Complete Composting Survey

What if our schools, local businesses, and homes could support a composting program to fertilize our gardens allowing us to grow more food? That vision is not really radical – communities throughout Southeast Alaska (Gustavus, Southeast Island School District, Petersburg and others) are successfully supporting their communities through composting programs. Hoonah could be doing the same! […]