Long Term Monitoring Study of Climate Change in Hoonah, Alaska

As you live in the same area for long periods of time you start to get a feel for what you think is normal and what isn’t in terms of the local climate, weather, and it’s effects. Long time Hoonah residents can tell you themselves but these past few winters seem much warmer and wetter than winters from just over 10 years ago. What changes might that have the potential to bring about? Is that the only climate pattern we’ve seen change recently? If changes really are happening here, how can we keep track of what is changing and at what rate?

Here are 2 ArcGIS Story Maps that go into further detail about how we have been able to set up Long term studies of both Snow Pack level Monitoring and Stream Temperature Monitoring. (Click the Links Below)

Hoonah’s Climate Change (arcgis.com) Snowpack Monitoring in Hoonah, Alaska (arcgis.com)

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