Hoonah Earth Day Cleanup 2021

Earth Day Cleanup Was A Success!

On Saturday April 24, 2021, Hoonah celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up litter around town. We would love to thank the partners who made the fun event possible; the Hoonah Recyclers, the United States Forest Service, Alaska Litter Prevention and Recycling, and the Hoonah Indian Association. Gunalchéesh to donors who supplied exciting prizes; the Garrison Family, the Skeek Family, Bob & Glenda Hutton, Marybeth & Owen, Icy Straight Point, Hoonah Trading Company, the Forest Service, and Icy Straight Lodge!

The event started at 10:00am with beautiful clear skies and smiling faces! Over 30 amazing Hoonah community members came to the event and removed 207 pounds of litter. After the event, and additional cleanups that occurred earlier on Earth Day, April 22, 2021, Hoonah is now sparkling clean.

Images of amazing Hoonah community members cleaning up Hoonah for Earth Day.

Keeping Hoonah Clean

Now that the sidewalks and trails are clear, lets keep Hoonah litter free and the Tongass National Forest healthy!

  • First, DO NOT LITTER! Hold onto your trash until you are home or find a public trash bin.
  • If you see it, then clean it! When you go for walks, carry a disposable bag and a pair of gloves to pick up trash.
  • Reduce your use of plastics. Bring a reusable bag with you when you go shopping and buy fresh produce instead of packaged goods.
  • Recycle! Hoonah Recyclers are a great contact to get started.
  • Reuse! Before you throw away anything, ask yourself “can I use this?”. Can that plastic become a cute planter or a new container?

Earth Day is everyday and we’re excited to see everyone picking up litter year round!

Event volunteers holding donated items for Earth Day prizes. Bags donated by the United States Forest Service and hats were donated by Icy Straight Point.

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