Hoonah Stewardship Council Mission :

“Using our Hoonah knowledge and leadership together, creating action and sowing sustainable community collaboration to form a legacy of healthy generations.”

Environmental planning is the process of identifying, assessing and coming up with solutions to environmental issues. HIA’s Environmental Program, funded through EPA Indian General Assistance Program (IGAP), has written Hoonah’s first environmental plan that incorporates tribal and community interest into the planning process.

HIA worked with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and used their 7 Generations (7 Gen) environmental planning process to complete an environmental plan for Hoonah. The 7 Gen process is a 7-step process developed by ANTHC to help native communities create an environmental plan. We streamlined several of the steps that focused on community input from environmental meetings and outreach with in the community.

Community value and voice is a crucial part of making informed decisions in the planning process. It helps create meaningful, community-based projects that maintain community involvement, and helps to establish and retain an interested workforce for later implementation of projects.

Community involvement is a key attribute to the 7 Gen process, so we formed an environmental committee, the Hoonah Stewardship Council, to help us interface with the public and add the community’s voice in our planning process. Along with the establishment of the committee we worked with several community members to create the Environmental Planning Survey.

The Environmental Planning Survey identified twenty-six environmental issues that were identified by the community as the important to achieving the strategic vision of the council. This strategic plan is a culmination of information gathered through the survey, work by the Hoonah Stewardship Council, and collaboration with stakeholders and community members in town.

HIA will use this document to guide its work planning and projects. HIA will also use this document to identify issues beyond the scope of the IGAP program and work with partners to address those needs. This strategic plan is an adaptable document that will be reviewed and revised yearly.
Thank you to the members of the Hoonah Stewardship Council who took time to put this plan together (in alphabetical order):
Ben McLuckie, Bob Hutton, Glenda Hutton, Ian Johnson, Jackie Dick, Jeromy Grant, Kim Gordon, Miguel Contreras, Rebekah Sawyers, Sean R. Williams, Stephanie Harold

Download a copy HERE or view it below