Hoonah Stewardship Council Meeting May 2018

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met for their regular, scheduled meeting on May 17, 2018.

Get a full copy of the Minutes By Clicking HERE

Tongass Strategic Cabin Plan.

Marlene Duvall from the Hoonah Forest Service District office presented about the Tongass Strategic Cabin Plan. They are looking for recommendations on cabin usage, preference, and need. They have an online survey available at their online Facebook Page (GO HERE) .
If you are from Hoonah, providing information and feedback about our 3 cabins ( Eight Fathom, Kennel Creek, and Greentop) can help them secure funding for those cabins.


BIA Coastal Resiliency Grant

Sean Williams, Americorp VISTA, is beginning to work on a grant that may be tailored to addressing our coastal resources. He was seeking community driven research questions that may be of interested. The grant is from the BIA Tribal Resilience and Coastal Planning grant. As it suggests we are looking for ideas around coastal planning and resilience.

He is considering doing an inventory of kelp forests. These are important because:
– Linked to conservation of marine resources
– Our communities are linked to them through herring, salmon, shellfish, otters, and so many other things
– They are understudied in Alaska
– There are links to climate change that may be linked to kelp forests

In Attendance:

Ian Johnson, Jeromy Grant, Sean Williams, Ben Mcluckie, Stephanie Harold, Jacob Pratt, Marlene Duvall, Chris Salazar

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