Ocean Acidification Monitoring

HIA Environmental is working with Sitka Lab (SEATOR) to sample our local waters and build a base line set of ocean acidification data. We are also part of an Ocean Acidification Tribal Working group. This data can be used to track the progression of ocean acidification in our local waters. SEATOR is working with HIA Environmental to develop the protocols necessary for the highest quality data collection possible.  The program will then be administered to more and more partners throughout Southeast Alaska.

Shellfish Monitoring

HIA Environmental takes weekly water samples from Shaman Point Dock and Harbor Boat Launch in effort to be a early detection system for harmful algae blooms (HAB). Some plankton species can produce toxins that make people sick. Shellfish feeding on that plankton can quickly accumulate toxin levels high enough to give people Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning or other illnesses. HIA staff collects phytoplankton every week and shellfish every other week to make sure that toxin levels are at safe levels for consumption. The Shellfish samples are sent to Sitka Tribe of Alaska lab and they are tested for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP), we post the results here and on our Facebook page www.facebook/hiaenviromental/ also Sitka Tribe of Alaska lab posts shellfish advisories online at seator.org/data,

Stream Temperature Monitoring

With the ever changing environment and climate it is becoming increasingly important to establish solid baseline data sets of our local resources. Monitoring the temperatures of our local stream will help establish the health of the stream. Knowing how the streams are functioning will help us determine if future projects are needed and which streams are higher priority. To maximize our effort and impact of the data we are collecting we partnered with Watershed Coalition; under this coalition we are part of a large network of communities that all contribute stream temp data to create a massive and detailed archive of stream temperature data.