Hoonah Stewardship Council February 2021

Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the monthly meeting on February 18th. To get on the list for these meetings please contact Ian Johnson ian.johnson@hiatribe.org

On the call : Ian Johnson (HIA), Niccole Williams (Community Member), Jennifer Nu (SAWC/SSP), Erica Drahozal (ISP), Stephanie Harold (Community Member), Neal Schoenfelder (USFS), Sean Williams (HIA), Jackie Dick (Community Member), Arianna Lapke (HIA), Jillian Schuyler (AmeriCORPS/HIA), Ricky Contreras (HIA), Mark Brown (Hoonah City Schools), Ben McLuckie (Community Member), Jeromy Grant (IGAP)

Environmental plan update

Jeromy Grant updated us on the Environmental plan. We spent the first part of the meeting reviewing the environmental plan that the HSC helped create 3 years ago. We’ve made a lot of progress on that plan! We have created an interactive way to review the progress.

Questions to answer : What are your environmental priorities? Email your ideas to jeromy.grant@hiatribe.org

Notes about the plan :

  • This was the way that the HSC started
  • A plan that we follow for our work
  • Hoonah’s plan is different from other communities. We took it all from the community.
  • There were 26 issues and environmental concerns. Those were broken down into 4 categories to break up the information in the document.
  • Wood stove program –
  • Goal : review the etep and get folks orientated to that.
  • What programs ideas do you have for new environmental priorities? Are there areas that you think should be elevated and lifted up more?
  • We might do an online survey
  • Might be taking off things like speedbump
  • Neal – what was the alder study? This was a program to bring alder to the community. FS can get alder on the road.
  • This document is about accountability and transparency to the community.
  • Jackie – the old garbage dump. When is that happening? We submitted a new application for this through the EPA. Trying to get that funded for this year.
  • Ewaste backhaul – city is willing to pay for shipping. We’ll work this spring to do the collection.
  • Gardening – Community gardening

The Environmental plan is embedded below, but can be glitchy to use. Download the full powerpoint to view on your computer with full functionality : DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT

Youth Development : Dual enrollment

Arianna Lapke gave an update on the dual enrollment fisheries course. HIA is helping this course grow beyond its original scope by connecting locals to it. Do you think you might like to talk to our youth about commercial fisheries or fish biology? Get ahold of Arianna! arianna.lapke@hiatribe.org


– there are 9 students signed up, for college credit. Learning about different fisheries and fish biology. Halibut, cod, crab, salmon. Etc. This is a new model – we are localizing it and trying to make it as engaging for our students as possible. First block in March. We are looking for volunteers who want to help. The college professor Lauren is a PhD and is looking forward to the class.

Jackie – log washing in Spasski. Will we be updating the stream structures? Neal – we expect some movement. We can look at it this summer and make a change if we want.

Neal – there was a lot of new wood in Game creek from all of this rain.

Jackie – what was the goal of the restoration? Neal – create spawning habitat.

Neal – We have been adding more wood in recent years because we needed more structure. We can continue to monitor and maintain the

Coastal program update

Sean Williams provided an update on the coastal program. He is excited that we will soon be able to train divers through HIA. He has been working on the coastal program from 3 angles : local engagement in policy, scientific monitoring, youth engagement.

There are three aceas that we are working under. Environmental policy and management. Providing options for people to work with the public policy process. Reactivitated the Icy Straits advisory committee. Communicates with the ADFG and BOF, and BOG. That group is a way for community members to provide input for local regulation. If you have ways for resources to be regulated you can chime in. There have been 2 meetings. Gustavus and Hoonah members (x10). There is time to draft new proposals for the future.

Federal subsistence boards – you can get on that list serv.

Scientific monitoring – We did some sea star wasting disease monitroing here and found some evidence for sea star wasting dissease. Working with Cornell. Proposing some follow up research on that. Sunflower species are now a threatened species on IUCN.

Doing invasive species monitoring on plates. We send in the samples via photos to smithsonian. We didn’t find any invasive species from our harbor sampling.

Monitoring for climate change impacts on black seaweed. We are starting to look at some options there. Have heard that it’s been more difficult to harvest lately. There are recent scientific papers showing that increasing sea temperatures can impact black seaweed.

Environmental education – working to put as much local involvement into that and bring in traditional indigenous values into the classroom. Expect to get an email from Sean about that.

Jackie – interested in climate change. There is probably some federal funding for waste. Sean – there is marine debris and there are federal funds for that. We did some beach cleanups through AmeriCORPS RAY program.

Neal – look into surf riders organization for cleanup.

Jackie – concerned about batteries and chemical

Jackie – crab pots up the bay. How can we address that? Sean – can work with the fisheries council. A lot of those are commercial pots. Other communities in SE are working on this issue through their advisory committees.

Jackie – on FB there are some concerns about the houseboat out by Long Island. It is in the way of fishing areas.

Local leaders in our community.

Jillian Schuyler gave us an update on our highlighting local leaders initiative. This is a chance to recognize folks who are helping our community but may be behind the scenes or not being paid for it. We are really looking forward to capturing the stories of our local leaders – there’s lots of them! To nominate someone use the survey at the bottom of this article or contact Jillian. jillian.schuyler@hiatribe.org

There will be a poll going out to nominate people asking why they are an unsung hero. These will be used on social media. A great opportunity to elevate local voices.

Jennifer – can parents be nominated? Jillian – yup!

Lots happening at the Forest Service

Neal Schoenfelder gave us an update from the Forest Service. Lots happening there right now! They have opportunities for local hire, will be working on stream restoration, doing trail work. They are also actively working on getting logistics lined up to repair the road system after our huge rains.

Neal – looking for ANILCA hires for recreation department. Can get that information out to you. There is GS4 and GS5 position. 15-18$/hour.

Working on flying the road system

8 fathom rock pit project is under contract. Starting march 1st they will be blasting in that area and processing gravel.

Diversity grant application for stream temp network

In stream restoration project this summer . Will be working on slide monitoring.

If anyone can get to the 8530 road for measurements

Will be filling 2 fire positions for the district in the next couple of months. One entry level and one advanced.

Wukuklook creek work. Inpromving the trail out there. Hoping for the project to kick off this summer. We’ll be doing some wildlife thinning out there too. Funded under the Great American Outdoors Act.

Community/Partner Updates

Erica Drohozal – director of sustainability Icy Strait Point. Looking forward to getting involved more with the community. Has a history of designing a program for recycling, water and composting. 

Jennifer – sent out an email for specialty crop grant. Last year we applied and got dinged on a technicality. Jennifer has a Tlingit potato application that could be tweaked. Application is due in April.

Next meeting : fishing derby discussion.

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