Surveys for Everyone! @ The Annual Hoonah Christmas Community Bazaar

We’d like to thank everyone that joined us at the Christmas Bazaar. Your input is much appreciated and what we need to help guide our work moving forward starting with creating a climate adaptation plan. The Bazaar itself had so much to offer from talented community artists to good food and snacks. Being it was so busy it felt even greater to get people engaged our booth but also in our Hoonah community survey. Thank you to Brynn for providing cookies to help draw people into the surveys. We would also like to add a congratulations to the winners of our raffle for filling out the survey. We had two winners of a $50 gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse and a $50 for Western Auto Marine. In the end 50 surveys were handed out and 43 surveys were filled out and turned back in.

Our survey’s goal is to include community voice in our Climate Adaptation Plan. The plan aims guide our work and to address community concern involving climate change and its impact on Hoonah. We’d like to hear from every one of our community members perspectives on the subject. We’d like to know; do you believe climate change is happening? Do you see any climate change impacts here? With or without climate change impacts do you believe we should be taking any measures to protect our traditional foods and resources for now and into the future? All these questions and your perspective on them can be filled out in our survey below.

If there are things this survey doesn’t cover or you would be willing to share your thoughts in greater detail, you may contact us directly Contact us – HIA Environmental ( or fill it out your information turn it into at Hoonah Indian Association’s Environmental Office, and we will contact you.

We also have a digital version for your convenience. Link: Hoonah Community Survey (

We’ve already started implementing ways to make it easier to share your thoughts and that is ongoing with door-to-door visits with whoever will have us. Again, thank you to everyone that has already joined in on our survey. We look forward to hearing from more of you as it is important to us everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard.

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