Landslides and Bad Roads – Do you have pictures?

It’s no secret that we’ve had a lot of precipitation! All that rain and snow is wreaking havoc with the roads. Pictures of landslides and blown culverts have been posted all over Facebook. We’re asking for your help by submitting your pictures and locations of known slides so that land managers can work to fix the issues. Here’s how you can  help!


Step 1 :

Review the map below. Each blue point is a known landslide, culvert blowout, or erosion spot. You can click on the points and scroll down in the popup to see some of the pictures we have of the sites. Not all of the blue dots have pictures!

Step 2 :

We are looking for pictures of the known sites in the map above as well as new sites. Please use the survey form below to submit your photos and notes about landslides, culverts, or other road issues that you’ve seen since the rain. If you have questions on how to use the form please contact Ian Johnson. 907 723 6044. Thank you!

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