New Environmental Plan 2.0!

What is it? The Short Answer

The ETEP is a document that helps us ensure that our programs are meeting your current needs and that they help us plan for our future generations by thinking of sustainability and the environment. Do you care about the environment? Read on.

What is it? The long answer

The EPA-Tribal Environmental Plan (ETEP) is a living document that is actively used as a management tool by both EPA and the tribe to ensure work is being done in support of agreed upon priorities and that progress is being made over time. ETEPs do not need to be complex and long to serve their intended purpose; however, developing ETEPs involves coordination among EPA’s regional and headquarters media offices, and between EPA and tribal governments. The ETEP should have the support of senior officials in both EPA and the tribal government, as they will be used to help prioritize the work that is funded under IGAP and the work that EPA is conducting in the tribal area.

Next evolution, the future is now

We are so blessed to be a part of a community with such strong environmental values and who are so willing to share their cultural and scientific insight. The participation and the conversations started through the process of creating the first ETEP where so profound and humbling, we figured let’s do it again with a twist! New to this process is google form is being used in place of paper surveys, this makes it easy for us to compile all the responses from the community and create a list for the you to rank what is highest and least priority to you. We are very excited to see the results and put together the next ETEP that will guide us in creating an environmentally healthy and sustainable Hoonah for many generations to come.

Please use the link below and add as many environmental concerns as you like, for example indoor air quality, harbor pollution, plastic bags.

ETEP link: Click Here!

What we need from you

The ETEP is a “living document” that needs to be revised. Do you still wear your clothes from the ‘90s? Maybe you do, but the point is that like clothes, documents need to be updated too. Please answer the following survey to help us guide our environmental future. To learn more about the ETEP read our article following the survey. Your voice matters! This is about you, your kids, grandkids, cousins, and neighbors. We believe in community-driven work. Please be a part of that vision.



How did we create it?

2018 we interviewed community members about environmental concerns they had within our community. Those interviews where compiled and put into survey format, the survey was then distributed amongst the community. The community was asked to prioritize each environmental issue from 1 to 5 1being less of a priority to the 5 being of the up most importance. Surveys were collected for over a month, the data from the community was tallied and presented us with a priority ranked list of community based environmental concerns that we used to write Hoonah’s first Environmental Plan.

How did we use it?

The ETEP has proven itself to be a powerful tool and extremely useful, we have used it over the past 3 years to plan environmental work, apply for grants, create programs to meet community needs.  

Some examples of the amazing accomplishments the ETEP helped us achieve:

  • Stream restorations
  • Air Quality study/outreach
  • Woodstove demonstration project
  • Coastal Program
  • Community Garden
  • Community yard waste compost
  • Stream temperature study
  • Ocean Acidification study
  • Home Efficiency (HELP Program)
  • Progress towards recycling (E-waste backhaul)
  • Progress towards Community green house
  • And much more…



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