Hoonah Stewardship Council May 2021

Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the monthly meeting on May 20th. To get on the list for these meetings please contact Ian Johnson ian.johnson@hiatribe.org

On the call May 20th: Ian Johnson (HIA), Niccole Williams (Community Member), Jennifer Nu (SAWC/SSP), Erica Drahozal (ISP), Neal Schoenfelder (USFS), Arianna Lapke (HIA), Jillian Schuyler (AmeriCORPS/HIA), Jeromy Grant (IGAP), Basia Trout (USFS), Rebecca Bellmore (DEC), Chris Salazar (USFS)

Beach Monitoring Program

Monitoring recreational beaches, Inner point Sophia and the Gartina boat launch, by HIA staff sampling for bacteria. This initiative will be shared to the Hoonah community via results and general outreach. This program is in search of baseline data of indicator organisms to better identify water conditions.

Coastal Resiliency Program

Sea star surveys are on their way! Sunflower sea stars were listed as critically endangered and they remain to be a crucial member in Southeast Alaskan waters. To better understand our coastal ecosystems the program has installed temperature data loggers on Hoonah’s coast line.

United States Forest Service

Road updates: Whitestone road with be open soon (by the weekend). Mile 9.52 will be cleared for the road to Whitestone. There is snow in the pass at False Bay. Culvert is passable by the end of the week. Game Creek is open, except mile 8,502 at mile 12. There is a land slide at Kennel Creek.

Fishing Derby date moved to June 5th, 2021. There are a multitude of prizes and spare fishing poles. Please encourage pre-registration. Come join the USFS to fish with family with social distancing for safety. Want to volunteer? Show up early and ask for a role.

Vault toilet construction at Suntaheen starts the following week.

Sustainable Southeast

Local foods challenge! Local food directory for Southeast Alaska is growing, if you know any organization that would fit on the list help populate by reaching out for it to be added.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

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