Hoonah Stewardship Council June 2021

The view is an added bonus!

Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the monthly meeting on June 17th. To get on the list for these meetings please contact Ian Johnson ian.johnson@hiatribe.org

On the call : Faith Grant (Community member), Erica Drahozal (ISP), Neal Schoenfelder (USFS), Sean Williams (HIA), Jackie Dick (Community Member), Arianna Lapke (HIA), Jillian Schuyler (AmeriCORPS/HIA), Jeromy Grant (IGAP), Hailey Johnston (USFS)

USFS: Trails in Hoonah!

Trails in Hoonah! Hailey Johnston will be in Hoonah, Holding a community gathering to discuss local trails. Meeting is going to be on June 28th from 6-8pm and for a 1 on 1 meeting email Haley.johnston@alaska-trails.org

Spasski large wood contract and waiting on grants. Currently on hold for temperature sensors for stream temperature monitoring.

Road updates: Tons of new slides and damage.


TRAYLS kick off! First week of training, meeting with partners, and general TRAYLS overview. First week in the field will be with the Forest Service and IGAP shellfish biomass surveys.

Coastal Resiliency Program

Sean Williams, program manager, is now able to certify divers. First he is certifying HIA employees to assist for this summer season’s scientific dives for sea star monitoring.

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