Have you been struggling with getting groceries? Take Hoonah’s Food Survey

With the ferry schedule and budget cuts it’s no secret that it has been hard getting some groceries in Hoonah this year and that food has been expensive. This winter has really shown off how vulnerable our food system is. HIA is working with Sustainable Southeast Partnership and the Southeaster Watershed Coalition to create a “snapshot” of our community food system. We are working with businesses, retailers, and growers to learn about how we get food in Hoonah. Armed with that knowledge we may be able to prevent future shortages like this winter!

To an example of how this might look go here : SITKA FOOD ASSESSMENT or scroll to the bottom of this page to view the PDF.

This portion of the community survey is for selected year-round residents who are active harvesters, fishers, and hunters. If you complete the survey you’ll be put in a drawing for a food basket from Salt and Soil Marketplace!

All responses and information will be kept confidential. Only HIA and SAWC staff will have access to people’s identity.


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