HSC : January 2021

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the first time of the new year. In attendance :

Jillian Schuyler, Arianna Lapke, Ricky Contrerars, Jeromy Grant, Ian Johnson, Ben McLuckie, Stephanie Harold, Jennifer Nu, Basia Trout, Heather Powell, Jackie Dick

Dual Enrollment

  • We are working to make the class engaging them in new topics in fisheries management. Helping to coordinate a fisheries technology course.
  • Complimentary to TRAYLS
  • Bringing new opportunities to students
  • Bringing hands-on work
  • Is it elective? – yes, elective for students.
  • Hands on engagement
  • What age ? Highschool – what are needs from FS speakers?
    • Salmon life cycle
  • Virtual or in person? – will be dependent on the school. Hope for in person to make it more engaging
  • There are 4 students enrolled in the class

Advisory Committee Establishment

  • Icy Straits Advisory Committee is a chance for Hoonah residents to propose changes to fish and game regulations.
  • Next meeting is February 15th. Call information will be posted on Social Media
  • Does the Advisory committee interact with others?
    • It’s separate from the Federal one
    • Do they work together with the community?

Lynn Canal Regional Advisory Committee

  • Lynn Canal RAC helps fund recreation and environment projects in Hoonah. This a great chance to help
  • Still looking for members
  • Trying to get that committee out.

Updates from the Forest Service

  • Gearing up for the HNFP field season
  • Hoping to hire a seasonal to help with the field season
  • Planning on the road bridge work. Getting those scheduled and cleared up
  • Jason Johnson – will provide some updates on the roads
  • Community feedback on road condition is welcome – folks can take pictures and report
  • There are slides in both directions of the Y
  • Also – Culvert blowout by Hippleback
  • Great American Outdoors Act funding . Marlene is coordinating on that. TRAYLS crew work.

Tools for Schools

  • Surveys and inspection in school for air quality in the school
  • Looking at factors
  • Schools that have bad air quality can impact students – Asthma etc.
  • Want to reduce risk factors for students
  • Looking for dust, mold, moisture, humidity,  hvac, etc.
  • Might find something that needs to be improved or setting a plan for improvement
  • Ben did PM 2.5 study stuff at the school a couple of years ago
    • Sampled every minute for 24
    • Ventilation at school works well when it’s on.
      • Consumes energy
      • Noisy
      • It’s turned off a lot
  • Improvements or saving the money. Filter changes or areas for saving money

Electronic waste backhaul

  • We’ll be starting that in the Spring
  • Save your old computers and spread the word

Fecal coliform

  • Starting with SAWC, ADEC, doing beach monitoring at 2 locations
  • Mirrors Ketchikan program which has been successful
  • Testing 2 sites – cannery point, Gus’s area
  • Doing DNA testing on that to determine where any fecal coliform is coming from
  • Checking on Gray water – is it an issue?

Gartina has changed a lot due to the storming

  •  the environment has changed a lot. There is a lot of silty and muck and it’s everywhere.
  • Seems like there is a shift in shellfish locations. Things got rearranged.

Careful on shellfish – still seeing some levels in shellfish

Ricky – IGAP assistant is on board!

  • Started in the department about 1 month ago
  • Data collection, backhaul training
  • He will be helping on air and water quality monitoring

Stream Temp Network

  • Checking on the network soon. Have 6 sites deployed.
  • Working on story  map around that project. Want to be able to show people how this could be important.  Could expand restoration based on stream temperature data.
  • In April and May we’ll be collecting data.

Local leaders

  • Celebrating by heart – leaders that don’t get paid for the service they do
  • People who go the extra distance for volunteering
  • Would like to lift up people who are active in the community
  • They’ll be posted to social media
  • How long will it last? Probably a year

Young Photographers comepetion

  • Regional competition for youth
  • Nature appreciation with a STEM focus
  • Youth engagement and questions

Community Questions

  • What’s happening with Roadless
    • Basia – it’s under litigation right now. Not a lot happening with it currently.


  • Greenhouse is here!
  • Working with Mark Browning on that
  • Will integrate with the TRAYLS program


  • Spasski WRAP is underway
  • Identifying projects and essential work

Dive program update

  • Sea stars research
  • Doing a protocol
  • Sea star wasting disease is happening – still not sure what is happening there
  • It’s moving to other species of starfish

Local social media outreach – Send anything you needs for posting

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