Hoonah Native Forest Partnership

HNFP: A Crew’s View

A key component of the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HNFP) is local workforce development in natural resource assessment.  The goal of the workforce development is to create capacity within the community for future projects and […]

Environmental Committee Blog

HSC : January 2021

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met for the first time of the new year. In attendance : Jillian Schuyler, Arianna Lapke, Ricky Contrerars, Jeromy Grant, Ian Johnson, Ben McLuckie, Stephanie Harold, Jennifer Nu, Basia Trout, Heather […]

Environmental Committee Blog

HNFP Meeting – Set to be a good one! Join Us!

We are holding a special session of the Hoonah Stewardship Council on October 9th, 5PM, City Hall to meet with partners from the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership. If you care about deer, berries, salmon, and keeping people employed then I hope you to see you there! We’ll tell you what we’ve learned and how that can matter to you. As always, the “HSC” meetings are public, so please join us! […]