Local Hoonah Crew Completes Stream Restoration

Recently, Ian Johnson wrote about the Spasski Tributary Restoration on the Sustainable Southeast Partnership’s website. The pilot project taught our crews how to do in-stream restoration using hand tools. You can view the full article by clicking here. Some of the content from the full article is visible below.

Time flies like an arrow and although it seems improbable, the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HNFP) is in its third year of work. Over the past two field seasons, local crews have spent countless hours learning-and-doing natural resource assessment, and the resulting data are being used to generate an extensive list of projects to manage the land, generate subsistence resources, and fulfill landowner management objectives. The final management plan will be written at the end of this year, and project implementation will begin next summer. To prepare for some of the future implementation work U.S. Forest Service Hydrologists, Katherine Prussian, Marty Becker, and Heath Whitacre, arranged a three day stream restoration workshop to simultaneously train the HNFP local workforce and improve stream function of a local salmon stream.


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