In Home Air Quality Final Report

Through out the winter months HIA Environmental conducted a in home air quality study in Hoonah. The final report details the results of Hoonah’s first home air quality survey, and identifies factors that may be affecting it. Click In Home Air Quality Final Report to view the report!

Abstract : 

In the winter of 2017, Hoonah Indian Association undertook an indoor air quality
study of particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and carbon monoxide (CO). This study sought to
quantify PM2.5 and CO in households, and to quantify or document underlying drivers
of indoor air quality issues. Through the study we surveyed 65 homes, and a subset of
those homes received a PM2.5 monitor and a CO monitor. Along with the survey
homeowners were given a brochure on the intent of the study, and how they may
improve their indoor air quality. Our results showed households with stoves greater
than 20 years old had significantly higher emissions of PM2.5 than houses with stoves
less than 20 years old. We also found a need for weatherization and ventilation

Click In Home Air Quality Final Report to view report.

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