Huna Community Potato Garden Harvest Yields 30 gallons!

This year, apparently, was an excellent year for potato growing. The community garden has grown in size and participation each year. This year we had 10 growers in our raised beds and we expanded the potato-growing area above the garden. To expand the area, members of the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership put in two more rows for growing potatoes. They also cut in the drainage to ensure the garden stayed drier during our wet summers. We planted the seed potato with seeds over-wintered from last year and contributions from Brian Bitz, Molly kemp, and Jennifer Nu. Our garden started with about 2.5 gallons of seed potato and blossomed from there! Varieties included Tlingit (Maria’s) Potato, Yukon Gold, and Purple Potatoes.

These potatoes were harvested by and distributed to community members who also learned how to keep their own seed for next year. The goal of the garden to feed Huna, educate our members on how grow, and to put away enough seed potato for next year. These potatoes will be used in the chowder at the Huna Traditional Food Fair on September 24th and distributed as seed potato in the spring of 2023.

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