Work in Hoonah as a Home Energy Leader!

Did you know that in Hoonah switching one incandescent light bulb to LED can save you $35 per light bulb per year (based on running it 8 hours per day)? Even with only 5 bulbs running 4 hours a day, you could save $85 by switching to LEDs. Hoonah Indian Association is working with Renewable Energy Alaska Project and Southeast Conference to complete home efficiency audits in Hoonah and help get people on track to save energy and money.


We are seeking two individuals who are self motivated, good at talking to people, and reliable. We also hope that you enjoy helping people save energy and money! This position will start in January with a free one-day training offered in 2018 in Juneau. In addition to the training content, Home Energy Leaders will also receive an Ipad to work on and materials necessary to engage residents in their communities including: Home Energy Savings guides; energy cost charts with community-specific rates; kilowatt meters; LED bulbs; thermometers; faucet aerators; power strips; and weather stripping. You will then engage their fellow community members to become more energy efficient.  Home Energy Leaders will be paid on a per home basis for the outreach.

Duties include : 

  • Analysis of utility bills and consumption
  • Light bulb savings comparison
  • Use of kilowatt meters to assess appliance draw
  • Eliminating phantom power consumption & using power strips
  • Installation of weather stripping and reduction of air infiltration
  • Programming and using programmable thermostats
  • Testing water temperature
  • Checking air filters and refrigeration coils
  • Installing faucet aerators and low flow showerheads
  • A hands-on site visit to a home

We will begin reviewing applications on December 22nd, so apply today!

Start : January 23rd, 2017

End: July 31, 2017

Pay : $100/home survey

To learn more download the full description here 

To submit your application and interest, please head to this online application form.

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