HSC Meets to Discuss Upcoming Environmental Work

On 06/20/ 2019 Hoonah Stewardship Council held their regular meeting. In attendance were Niccole Williams, Ricky Contreras, Jeromy Grant, Sam Sheakley, Sean Williams, Ian Johnson, Basia Trout, Bethany, Zach Inglesby, Phillips Sharclane, Jackie Dick

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) collection is happening at the connexes by the park. This is important because e-waste is very bad if you burn it. It lets of dioxins and things that are known to cause cancer. We are collecting it from 8:30 – 4:00 PM each da. Free for the community! We’ll also be doing door to door collection to help our elders.

This program will continue annually in hopes ore remvoing waste from Hoonah. We are hoping to partner further with the City of Hoonah and other communities such as Gustavus that would benefit from having their recyclable waste hauled out.

Please spread the word! This model could help us shift how we handle our waste in Hoonah and provide a more healthy place to live for our future generations.

Stream Restoration

The Hoonah native Forest Partnership is doing stream restoration in early July on a tributary to Spasski River. The crew (Phillip Sharclane, Derek Barton, Ricky Contreras, Jeremy Johnson) will be putting wood back into the stream to create habitat for rearing and spawning salmon. The stream doesn’t have much wood into it because it was logged over. This work will build on the 2017 work that we did.

Coastal Program

Coastal program spent 2 weeks in Sitka doing training. They will be completing scientific diving programs, open water, and advanced diving. They are getting close to surveys! That means surveying near shore for things linked to subsistence and important resources in Hoonah. They are also doing data collection to monitor for sea star wasting disease and invasive species monitoring. Specifically they are looking for an invasive tunnicut which has been found in Sitka. If they establish themselves here it could have detrimental impact on local species.

Cockles and clams are still being monitored by the IGAP program .

Odds and Ends

Question: Phillip was wondering if the data being collected by the coastal program could be linked to cruise ship impacts or pollution. Answer : Its not likely what we are currently will be able to link to that, but we submitted a DEC grant to consistent monitoring.

Question : What are the laws around cruise ship dumping? How do they handled food waste?

The Forest Service cleaned up Freshwater Bay including old machines and grilling items left there. You can book the Kennel Creek Cabin through Recreation.gov

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