You Are Invited! Pizza and Land Management

I am really hoping to get a big showing of the community at our next Hoonah Native Forest Partnership meeting on April 25th at 4:30. This meeting may be the most important one yet and will help you understand how we can make the lands surrounding Hoonah produce more deer, berries, fish, and timber. The meeting won’t be all talk! Expect to engage in the watershed management plan and help us prioritize future work and projects. 

So here’s the deal. Show up at 4:30 PM and have some pizza. We’ll jump right in and help you understand how specific land management activities benefit Hoonah. There will be something for everyone whether you are interested in fish, berries, deer, roads, or timber. Once that is done we’ll do some interactive activities so that you can help us prioritize future work in the next 5 and 10 years.  I promise this meeting will make good use of your time, and you get some food to boot!

All are welcome, so please invite your friends and family.

When : APRIL 25th, 4:30 PM

Where : City Hall

Event Page

Contact : Ian Johnson

945 3545

It takes a team to make decisions!


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