Hoonah Stewardship Council August 2021

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met for their monthly meeting this August 18, 2021. To get on the email list for these meetings please contact Ian Johnson ian.johnson@hiatribe.org

On the call : Ian Johnson (HIA), Basia Trout (USFS), Marlene Duvall (USFS), Jessie (community member), Chans lo’Brien (GIS Specialist), Erica Drahozal (ISP), Neal Schoenfelder (USFS)

Hoonah Native Forest Partnership

The summer 2021 stream restoration has been successfully completed!

Check out this amazing stream restoration video with our local HNFP crew and community members.

Indian General Assistance Program

E-waste program is completed! Thank you everyone who safely disposed of their electronics to keep Hoonah and our world a cleaner and happier place.

United States Forest Service Updates

Road based nature tour outfitter guide allocation has a new completed analysis for commercial and non-commercial use. The aim is to allocate 20% of the total capacity for outfitter guides. Due to the quadrupled increase since the start of tourism there is an aim to reduce tourism and community conflict. To mitigate this there is going to be single lanes with pullouts every 500ft, reducing on coming conflict.

Follow the link to learn more


The Great American Outdoor Act projects. Heritage is in town for cultural surveys to assist in completion of projects. The Suntaheen toilet project is completed and the 8530 Wukuklook improvement projects are moving forward.

ICY Straits RAC September 22nd Meeting

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 9/22/2021 at 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Alaska Daylight Time. All RAC meetings are subject to cancellation. For status of the meeting prior to attendance, please contact Robin Hasselquist by phone at 907-789-6212 or email at robin.hasselquist@usda.gov.

Gather Southeast APP & Competition

Gather Southeast: Southeast Competition Goes Live – Sustainable Southeast Partnership

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