Youth Nature Photography Event


On the first of May, Hoonah was welcomed with an amazing spring weekend. On Saturday, 5/1/2021, some of Hoonah’s youth attended the Nature Photography event held at the Airport Trail. The event focused on nature appreciation and how a story is told with the click of a camera. Students were taught how perspective is illustrated by the images they take. With their newfound knowledge they were encouraged find their own story to tell. Early May proved to show the coming of spring, so the students had a snow free canvas with budding skunk cabbage, running streams, and snow topped mountains in the distance.

Leah Moss focused on the small fire that kept the event participates warm as they walked past. As stories were being captured by a lens, the students found a black slug that became the center of attention and one of William’s favorite subjects to photograph.

What were the big takeaways from the day?

  1. You have this amazing tool in your pocket – the cell phone! A big camera isn’t necessary to take a picture that tells a story. Use your cell phone in creative ways like getting a low angle, incorporating multiple things in the picture, and using color filters to emphasize your message.
  2. Photography is a conscious decision. When you press the “take” button you are choosing what to include in the picture and what not to. So, before you take a picture decide for yourself ,’What story to do I want to tell’, ‘What do I have in front of me that is most important to the story’, ‘How do I want people to react’. Being intentional in your photography will help you become a better storytelling photographer.

While taking images of moving streams and gorgeous clear skies, the students explored Hoonah’s backyard: the Tongass National Forest. It is very important to appreciate and care for our natural environmental just as much as we explore and utilize it’s resources. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and tell the story of what the great outdoors means to you, but before you do, bring a bag to pick up any litter you see.

Leah Moss showing off her new friend, a little slug.

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