HSC Meets to Discuss Summer Programs and Hoonah Needs

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met on 02/21/2019. The meeting revisited previous agenda items and brought up some new business, too. In attendance were Jackie Dick, Sam Sheakley, Sean Williams, Miguel Contreras, Sofia, Rebekah Sawers, Basia Trout, Faith Grant, Jeromy Grant.

Meeting attendees at HSC on 02/21/2019.

Air Quality

Jeromy Grant, Sam Sheakley, and Niccole Willams are current doing in home air quality surveys and energy. This work adds onto the work we completed in 2017 and 2018 which resulted in in-home improvements for air quality. Pairing the work with energy surveys is a great way to holistically improve your home and save money!

Sign up with Jeromy and help us spread the word!

Coastal Program

Jobs are posted!

  • Coastal Inventory for crabs, shellfish, invertebrates, and more!
  • Learn SCUBA skills
  • Informational meeting on February 28th
  • Need commitments for training in April and June
  • We have funding for 4 technicians

We’ll be using divers and cameras to document what we find. There was desire from Miguel to monitor for salmon-linked things.

Forest Service Update

Basia Trout, Hoonah District Ranger, provided an update from the USFS. They hired Lori Fanning at the front desk at the office. They have been working closely on Roadless Rule issue. They are announcing a recreation/wildlife technician job to be hired for the summer – great chance for a local hire!

Revisiting Old Business

  • We will have e-waste gathering during Earth Week
  • We are working on the composting program and hope to work with a few community members to have small scale composting
  • Community Garden is coming up soon!

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