IGAP Training 2019

IGAP Training 2019

January 21st through the 25th Jeromy Grant and Samuel Sheakley from the Hoonah Indian Association IGAP (Indian General Assistance Program) crew traveled to Anchorage to participate in the IGAP Work Plan and Budget Development training hosted by Alaska Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC). This training was an excellent opportunity to coordinate with and learn from other IGAP groups, in my 3 years in IGAP this is the first time I have been to a training that was specifically for IGAP personnel and was centered around IGAP specific content and I found this aspect of the training to be one of the most valuable.

Splitting Up Responsibilities

During the training Jeromy Grant sat in on the work plan and budget development focused on solid waste and recycling, and the Sam Sheakley attended training focused on building work plans and budgets for an air quality focused. While attending the solid waste portion of the training I was able to talk with many other communities that have put together successful solid waste programs, and I left the training with a solid work plan and budget ready to be submitted to our EPA Project Officer. This work plan will help us move forward with priorities identified in our Environmental Strategic Plan.  Sam went through air quality boot camp with ANTHC’s Mary Mullan and gained years of air quality knowledge and expertise in a very short time, which was just in time for our upcoming air quality study that we are doing this winter. Because of this training Sam will be more equipped to make our air quality program is successful and meets the needs of our community members.

What We Learned

  • Learn how to establish a sustainable backhaul program in Hoonah
  • Learn how to establish a recycling program in Hoonah
  • Formal training on work plan development
  • Formal training on budget writing
  • Learn how other communities are studying air quality

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