Get a “Gold Star” At Gold Medal By Completing Your Drivers License!

In 2019 Hoonah Indian Association, has positions to hire people in many different fields and capacities. With Gold Medal coming up we are encouraging those without drivers licenses to maximize your time in Juneau! We are currently advertising or will be advertising for:

In 2019 HIA would like to encourage everyone interested in these positions to get your drivers license. It is listed as “required” on our job postings and will make you more competitive for hiring, but don’t just do it for this job! Getting your Driver’s license can only help you down the road! Whether you need to pull your skiff to Hoonah Harbor, going out the road to hunt deer, or support your family by driving to Costco in Juneau having a license gives you more flexibility in life.

Here’s the punch line : Many of you will be at or know people in Juneau for Gold Medal. Take the time to complete your written or driving test in Juneau before Hoonah makes it to the championship! You can have fun at Gold Medal and set yourself up for a summer of work in the process.

More info on the Juneau DMV can be found here : Juneau DMV

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