Subsistence Sockeye opens

Salmon Season 2024

Austin Martuscelli loading fresh sockeye into a smoker

Summer is here and the fish are coming!
June 1st marks the opening of the State and Federal subsistence salmon fisheries.
2023 saw an increase in both participation and fish returning to Neva Lake.
This year is promising!

HIA-Environmental is looking to increase Hoonah’s harvest opportunities through the Federal Subsistence Board and State’s Board of Fish. Please get licensed and report your harvest data! Doing so gives us the ammo we need to advocate for the fish and for the community.
Any information you think may help! Particularly observations of fish returning earlier or later to help us get the season extended in Hoktaheen and get more fish in our freezers!

Get your Federal permit for Neva and other freshwater fishing through the Forest Service. For saltwater fishing, check out ADF&G’s new mobile app!

Good fishing to ya!

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