HSC Meets to Talk about its future

HSC, Hoonah, Hoonah Stewardship Council

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met on 02/20/20 to talk about its structure and future.

In attendance : Arianna Lapke, Sean Williams, Stephanie Harold, Jeromy Grant, Niccole Williams, Basia Trout, Ian Johnson, Faith Grant

We talked about the future of the group with two goals in mind:

  1. How do we transform this into a group of both words and action
  2. How do we invigorate and growth this group?

Basia mentioned that our mission statement has the word “action” in it.

We generally talked about a model for leadership for the group that it would orientated around projects, and that local members could head those projects. Early in the year we would work on developing a work plan with the schedule and members could take ownership of those projects. They would coordinate the projects and needs from the HSC.

We talked a lot about the merits and needs around this model:

  1. Jeromy – this would nenuclearize the group from HSC which could be a good thing to generate community driven processes
  2. Arianna – If we have a schedule of tasks how do we determine when a project is “done”? How much time would be committed to finish a project? What are the project deliverables? Are they always “tangible deliverables” , or can they be goal orientated?
    1. Stephanie noted we don’t want to get too into the weeds of evaluation
  3. Basia – need to determine what the scope of a project is. Also, the key part of this group has bee the consistency that the group meets to discuss. May want to start with a project that is light-hearted and small with likely sucess
    1. Stephanie mentioned that working with the City on a plastic-bag bag could be that project.
  4. Sean – we could put an “idea board” up in Hoonah to get ideas for community driven projects

We spent the rest of the meeting brainstorming potential, community-generated-and-lead projects

  1. A repurposing trash night
  2. Climate science night
  3. Documentary night/nights
  4. Community garden improvements
  5. Dessert and Coffee at the lodge
  6. Creating environmentally friendly supplies such as natural soap making
  7. Knitting and dying your own grocery bags
  8. Climate trivia
  9. Adult art group for nature awareness
  10. RAC proposal development
  11. Engaging in Tourism Best Management Practices
  12. Community mural
  13. An art wall
  14. Anit-littering Campaign
  15. Road clean/ adopt-a-highway
  16. Ewaste collection support

Ian agreed to transfer these projects to a Google sheet to continue to be co-develop project ideas.

Other business : The Forest Service is looking for members to serve on the Lynn Canal Regional Advisory Committee. This committee oversees a pot of money for local projects.

Also, public comments are being sought about the Whitestone rock pit enlargement.

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