E-waste and HNFP headliners from May HSC Meeting

The Hoonah Stewardship Council met on 05/16/19 and topics ranged widely. Lots of good things talked about! If you don’t read any further here’s the headlines:

  1. Electronic waste pickup and disposal is FREE for the community and will be happening the week of June 24th. Watch for more information
  2. Hoonah Native Forest Partnership is doing stream restoration this summer starting the week of June 24th. Public welcome!
  3. 30th Annual Fishing Derby is May 31st from 11-3.

In attendance :

Clare Doig (Consulting Forester at HTC), Samia Savell (NRCS), Sean William, Arianna Lapke, Faith Grant, Jeromy Grant, Sam Sheakley, Ian Johnson

HSC Meeting group non 05/16/2019

Want to be involved?

We are always looking for more people to come join the conversation about our environment in Hoonah! We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month and our next meeting is June 20th @ 5PM – HIA Environmental Office. Please email Ian Johnson (ijohnson@hiatribe) to be included in regular communication.

Electronic Waste

Recycling your eletronic waste can help reduce the burden at the dump and protect drinking water. The week of June 24th we’ll be hosting a collection for electronic waste. It will be free for the community so bring in your old TVS, prints, computers and more! We hope this event will be annual. We are partnering with the City.

Hoonah Native Forest Partnership

We have a few folks in town the week of May 20th to help with stream restoration layout. The restoration work will begin the week of June 24th. Let us know if you’d like to see or be apart of the stream restoration. We’d love to bring you out there!

So far this summer the crews have been improving wildlife and berry habitat by installing “gaps” in the forest. They are killing all trees in a 35 foot radius to get more light to the forest floor. It’s good for deer, bears, berries and more. They are also working on doing forest surveys for Huna Totem’s carbon project in a association with Terra Verde.

Coastal Resiliency

We have set up a new bi-weekly blog post to talk about “resiliency” in Hoonah. We are a resilientt place filled with reslient people! We hope to dive into how we can continue to be so. Check out the first blog at the link below.


This summer the coastal program will be :

  • Monitoring for invasive species
  • doing sediment plates
  • Looking at marine traffice
  • Monitoring shoreline change from isostatic rebound (the springing back of the Earth’s crust from the weight of the glaciers). As you know the land is rising around here! They will be look at what the potential effect of uplift would be.
  • Monitoring for marine debris

The crews will also be completing scientific diving to look at substrate and vegetation linked to our subsistence resources.

Fishing Derby


HIA is partnering with the U.S. Forest Service, Spruce Root, Hoonah Culture Camp and others to hire 3 summer interns from Hoonah. These students will be learning gathering skills, science, stream monitoring, stream restoration, and so much more! They will be visiting Inian Islands and attending training in Klawock. We are looking forward to seeing what they can learn and do!

Environmental Plan

Our environmental plan is already 2 years old! We have crossed a lot off the list and need to update it. We will be doing in that in the coming months and hope to get lots of feedback from the HSC and from the community. Be sure to attend HSC meetings to learn more!

Tribal Economic Development Strategy

The surveys for the Tribal Economic Development Strategy have been completed. Come discuss them at a dinner and workshop on May 31st! Meeting kicks off at 5PM. More details below.

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