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Are you interested in learning how to upgrade your house to save energy, money, and receive some free swag? The Hoonah Energy Leadership is bringing the benefits of energy efficient practices to 30 homes in Hoonah! Learn more about this program in a recent article : Click HERE!

Did you know that in Hoonah switching one incandescent light bulb to LED can save you $35 per light bulb per year (based on running it 8 hours per day)? Even with only 5 bulbs running 4 hours a day, you could save $85/year by switching to LEDs. Hoonah Indian Association is working with Renewable Energy Alaska Project and Southeast Conference to complete home efficiency audits in Hoonah and help get people on track to save energy and money.

Each assessment will be tailored to your house, but what can you expect?

  • LED swap out
  • assessing appliance draw
  • phantom power and using power strips
  • using programmable thermostats
  • testing water temperature
  • assess heating and air infiltration
  • installing faucet aerators

We are asking for $25 for each assessment, but each homeowner will receive products (LEDS, weatherstripping) that are worth more than $25 and will save you money immediately. If you cannot afford $25 please contact us anyway and we can discuss some options.

Niccole Williams and David Lindstrom are both leading in-home energy assessments. You can contact them or Ian Johnson (HIA Environmental Coordinator) at 945-3545 or to learn more or register.

Sign-up is easy – use the form below or contact the individuals above!

Also, a request – there are many people that need this service but will not see it unless you show them. Please share with community members, elders, and those who could really use some help saving some money! Thank you!

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