You Are Invited! Hoonah Greenhouse Gala

Hoonah can benefit tremendously from a greenhouse. That’s what 5 Hoonah residents learned during a trip to Prince of Wales to learn about the biomass linked greenhouses they operate there. The POW greenhouses create a boost to their economy, to their school, to their kids, to their families, and to the community. Learn about greenhouse systems and be a part of the discussion.

You are all invited to an event of community intrigue.

When : October 6th 6 – 8PM 

Where : HIA Community Building

What :

  • Potato bar with local potatoes prepared by Kristi Styers
  • Presentation on POW greenhouses and how we could bring it to Hoonah.
  • Workshops to help you learn about greenhouses
  • More food! Learn how to make spinach and wild blueberry smoothies with locally grown ingredients.
  • Brainstorm the challenges and needs of a Hoonah greenhouse

Our goal is to have 50 people attend this event, so I hope you are one of them! If you are receiving this is email for through our newsletter, please spread the word by forwarding to a few friends!

For those on Facebook, please follow along with the event at : to stay in touch

Coffman Cove is able to successfully grown lettuce that feeds their school and community. They use a biomass-linked greenhouse. Bringing this concept to Hoonah could benefit our school, families, kids, community, and set Hoonah up to be more food-sustainable.


The MOBY Greenhouse near HIA has demonstrated how productive a greenhouse can be in Hoonah. There are other examples of success throughout town.


Come join us for this event!

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