Environmental Committee Meeting

Environmental Committee
Environmental Committee

September 26, 2017

Present: Jackie Dick, Ben Mcluckie, Stephanie Harold, Kim Gordon, Jeromy Grant, Ian Johnson

Environmental progress has commenced! Today the Environmental Committee (EC) (name to be determined) met at the Hoonah Indian Association (HIA) conference room for the first time. With juice and cookies in hand we did a round table introduction answering the question, “who are you, and why are you here”. Inspired by introductions, we discussed ideas for committee name and mission statement, the name and mission statement will be decided at our next meeting. The Environmental Planning Survey was introduced to the committee and each member was given surveys to distribute throughout the community. In closing I can say that I am truly honored to be a part of this group of passionate and driven individuals, I am very excited to see what we can accomplish. That being said, if anyone has someone in mind that would make a good addition to our group, please reach out to them.

Topics of Discussion

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?
  • Committee paper work
  • Over view of the ANTHC 7 Generation process for environmental planning
  • Committee name
  • Committee Mission statement
  • Environmental planning survey
  • Dates and times of next meeting
  • Agenda and topics of next meeting
  • Future ANTHC training event facilitated by Oxcenia
Environmental Committee
Environmental Committee
Environmental Committee
Brain storming Committee name

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