HIA Environmental assists with reactivating local fish and game Icy Straits Advisory Committee

The ADF&G Icy Straits Advisory Committee (ISAC) was successfully reactivated after 5 years of inactivity. Advisory committees are local groups that meet to discuss fish and wildlife issues and make recommendations and proposals to the Alaska boards of fisheries and game. Click here for more information about the advisory committee or join the Facebook group, Reactivate the Icy Strait Advisory Committee. Anyone can submit a proposal to the committee.

The committee is composed of 9 members from Hoonah and 2 members from Gustavus. There are potentially up to 4 seats left if you are interested in participating.

Special thanks to the following members for their service on the committee:

NameSeatExpiration Year
Jeff Skaflestad Hoonah 2023 
Bill Mills Hoonah 2023 
Faith Grant Hoonah 2023 
Casey McConnellHoonah 2022 
Fagan Skaflestad Hoonah 2022 
Bob Hughes (Vice-Chair) Hoonah 2022 
Andy Savland Hoonah 2021 
VACANT Hoonah 2021 
Bill Miller Hoonah 2021 
Mark Ortega Gustavus 2023 
Calvin CasipitGustavus 2022 
Aaron St. Clair Undesignated 2023 
VACANT (Josh Dybdahl nominated)Undesignated 2022 
VACANT (Ray Flock nominated)Undesignated 2021 
VACANT (Ken Meserve nominated)Undesignated 2021 

The first committee meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2021 at 5pm. The meeting will be held either on phone or video conference and is open to the public. More information will be available soon.

If you are interested in joining the committee please contact Annie Bartholomew, ADF&G Regional Coordinator, at annie.bartholomew@alaska.gov, (907) 465-4046

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