HNFP Publishes Public Watershed Management Plan!

5 years of the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership. It’s amazing to think about the work we’ve done, the lessons we’ve learned, the people we’ve engaged, and the plans that we have for future. We hope this beautiful report which is full of photos and graphics gets you excited for the future of the HNFP!

Our goal of the HNFP Public report is to communicate to anyone the opportunities for improving deer habitat, berry production, stream restoration, and forest improvement. As you read through this report we would like you to think to yourself : What are my priorities in forest management? How can this work benefit Hoonah? How Can I get involved?

You can always ask us questions by calling, emailing, or stopping by. Just Contact Us.


You can download the report here or page through it below. Tap or click the PDF to access the controls for it.

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