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What is the HELP Program?

The Home Energy Leadership Program (HELP) provides the information and tools for Energy Leaders in your community to provide important energy saving support to homeowners and renters. There are a lot of people that want to save energy and money in their home but aren’t sure where to start. Our goal is to provide some simple low-cost steps to saving energy in your home or apartment.

What did we do?

The Home Energy Leader Program was able to schedule and complete site assessments and surveys of 79 homes in Hoonah this year (2019). During the site assessment the HELP Technician preformed analysis of heat and electric consumption, light bulb inventory and LED swap out, plug load assessment, installation of weather stripping, installation of faucet aerators. Through this process over 460 LED light bulbs, 30 plus power strips, hand full of aerators, and some weather stripping were handed out to those participants. Thank you to everyone that took interest in this program and participated in the survey process, we have tripled our surveys from last year! Thank you for allowing us to come into your home to collect data, this will help us continue this work in the future.

Hoonah Home Lighting at a Glance

  • 13 homes had incandescent bulbs
  • 48 homes had CFL’s (curly q’s)
  • 9 of the homes converted over to LED.
  • 2 of the homes full Fluorescent tube lights
  • If you have 5 incandescent bulbs in your house running for 8 hours a day, they will cost you $6.20/day

How can this help?

Hoonah pays a kilowatt hour (kWh), at that rate Hoonah homes have an average energy bill of (#[JG1] ). Saving energy is an effective and easy way to keep your energy bill low. Just converting your home to LED light bulbs will lower your kilowatt usage and could help you save over $50/year. Could you imagine how much you saved if you converted every one of your light bulbs over to LED?! Bahamas, here I come. Some homes are already saving energy by switching to LED light bulbs, and using the power strips on low wattage items; such as, phone chargers, end table lamps, etc.

 Tips from the Pros!

  • Power strips are great energy savers. Plugging in your low wattage items to the power strip then flipping the switch off before you leave home will stop the phantom energy.
  • Making sure your freezers are properly sealed is another energy saver. Bad seals will cause the freezer to continuously run; wasting energy.
  • Sealing up window frames, door frames with weather stripping. Keep the cold out will save you from running your heating system continuously.
  • Washing your laundry in cold water vs. hot or warm and hang drying clothes will save you money.
  • Switching over all fluorescent (tube) lighting to LED will be an extra bonus to saving on your energy bill.

What are people saying about the HELP Program?

“I would like to thank you and the home energy program for your information and the energy saving items you provided, all of which have been very useful.  It surprised me how much unused electricity sneaks past us without realization.  Using your tips has saved me obvious money on my light bill – which I totally appreciate! Gunal’cheech!!” -WJC

“You have given me good advice that I didn’t know on how to save electricity! I have changed all my light bulbs over to LED. Thank you again for your program!” -MP

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