Environmental Committee Begins Environmental Plan

October 26th, 27th 2017

Another amazing Environmental Committee meeting in the history books. I would like to thank Oxcenia from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for taking the time to come to Hoonah and help our committee by facilitating the committee meetings and team building exercises. Huge progress was made in the strategic planning process! The committee has really come together and we have defined ourselves with a mission statement, and started identifying solutions for the environmental issues prioritized by our community. We are currently working on putting the solutions on to paper, then we will take those solutions and draft them into a environmental plan for Hoonah. Thank you again everyone for coming to the training and working hard to make Hoonah the best is can be for many generations to come.

It is our mission: Using our Hoonah knowledge and leadership together, creating action and sowing sustainable community collaboration to form a legacy of healthy generations.

Welcome to new committee members Miguel and Rebekah!

Topics of Discussion

  • Core Values
  • Committee Name
  • Committee Mission Statement
  • Solutions to Hoonah Environmental Issues
  • Next Steps In Planning Process
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Home Work, Google Doc
  • Long Term Goal Of Environmental Committee
  • Dates and times of next meeting
  • Agenda and topics of next meeting



Brainstorming ideas for solutions to the issues identified as highest priority by our community

Environmental committee coming together nicely and completing the team building exercises

Writing our mission statement


Environmental committee member working hard on the keep, add, remove exercise

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