TRAYLS Crew Completes Community Garden Projects

In 2020, HIA is investing in our youth during our 3rd season of the Training Rural Alaskan Youth Leaders and Students (TRAYLS Program). This program seeks to provide career exploration in science and natural resource management. Participants get an opportunity to work with local partners such as the Forest Service, Huna Heritage Foundation, City of Hoonah, and HIA on projects in and around our community. Last week the students put their eyes on the prize : enhancing the Community Garden by fencing it and installing new plots.

They did a great job! Check it out!

Start to Finish:

It wasn’t an easy job. The crew had to dig post holes, drive stakes, and put up some fencing. Here’s a few pictures of before, during and after.

Plenty of rocks in the holes! It felt like a huge accomlishment when this large boulder finally popped out!

Planting Potatoes

Thank you to Chris and Gordon Greenwald for these Tlingit Potato Seeds!
The TRAYLS crew built a new potato bed and planted seeds into it using the Tlinigit Potatoes donated by the Greenwalds. Great way to round out the project!

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