HSC Meets to Discuss E-waste and Coastal Resilience

We had a lot of new faces at the Hoonah Stewardship Council on 01/17/2019 and some great conversation! Thanks everyone, the notes below are meant to capture the discussion from the evening.


This year on Earth Day the IGAP program will be conducting an electronic waste (E-waste) backhaul. That means it’s a chance for you to bring in your old batteries, electronics, phones, computers, and have them recycled properly. Details on this program will be announced as it gets closer, but keep an eye out for fliers!

We are looking for volunteers to help. Interested? Contact Jeromy or Ian.

Indoor Air Quality

The IGAP program will be conducting a new round of Indoor Air Quality surveys this winter. It is our goal to survey 70 homes in Hoonah. The results from the 2018 survey guided as we located homes with stoves that were at risk for output of PM 2.5. We hope new data will help continue to address Hoonah’s indoor air quality issues. The air quality program will be paired with Energy audits through the HELP program.

To learn more about or participate in this program please contact Jeromy Grant

Coastal Program

This summer Sean Williams will be leading a coastal survey program. We are looking for people who want to get a SCUBA certification and work to inventory near coastal zones. The goals are two-fold : build your capacity to help yourself and you community by getting the training and helping us create a baseline to evaluate future change to our subsistence resources.

To learn more watch for fliers for a community information meeting and contact Sean Williams.

Other Discussions

Cruise ship industry

We discussed the potential impact of a second dock on Hoonah. Primarily we discussed the release of “gray water” or effluent in the waters surrounding Hoonah. There is a lot of unknowns in how more cruise ships will impact our waters. Members of the HSC were asking to know more about what is currently allowable and what steps would need to be taken to ban all dumping of gray water around Hoonah waters. There is some potential to do beach testing through an Department of Environmental Conservation program which has been implemented in Ketchikan. Cruise ships may introduce invasives – there was a case where an invasive virus was introduced to a northern Alaska seal population. It was brought up that perhaps we should train fisherman and subsistence users on what do do if they encounter gray water. It was mentioned that drilling sediment from the dock infrastructure may be impact fisheries around the dock.

Other topics:

Concern with number of bears shot in Hoonah this year. Asking for Tribe to take a stance to reduce number of bears killed

Is the Tribe testing seal meat for contaminants? No, but we could submit samples to the seal commission if that was desired

Are prescription drug contaminants an issue in our waters?

Are there plans to do beach cleanup? Yes, some, we hope to better understand where garbage is at through the tidal area surveys through the Coastal Resiliency work. We may be able to do some beach cleanup this summer. There are difficulties in it if it involves old boats.

We are working on a subsistence fisheries grant. It was brought up that it should establish monitoring and policy work for king salmon, herring eggs, and crab in Neka Bay.

In Attendance : Jeromy Grant, Ian Johnson, Sean Williams, Sam Sheakley, Frank Wright, Jeff Skaflestad, Phillip Sharclane, Basia Trout, Niccole Williams, Ernestine H., Sarah Quigley

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